“Two Americas”

I noticed lately that the spokesperson for Subway (Jared) was recently sentenced to 15 years for sexual crimes against children. I could not help but be aware of two opposite reactions to the same crime depending on ones political affiliation. Though former president Clinton was a frequent flier on Billionaire Jeffery Epstein’s (a big Clinton donor and convicted pedophile) private pedophile plane visiting “pedophile island” there is no risk of him being prosecuted for any misdeeds. Nor is there any risk of Clinton being exposed or investigated by the mainstream media (see:www.breitbart.com/…/you-know-the-duggars-have-you-met-bill…). Consider what the difference in reactions would be if Clinton were a conservative instead of a Marxist. One famous conservative leader put it this way when speaking to a former leftist who had second thoughts about his ideology, “when you were with the left you could get away with anything. Now that you are a conservative you cannot get away with anything.” Most people are quick to despise such a man as Jared and for good reason but consider the following: Jared sexually abused children but not even he killed children. Those on the left however, have murdered over 60 million children in America. How many people who are quick to despise Jared (and well they should) have pulled the lever for a Democrat when they go into the voting booth. Those who have done so are partakers in these murders as well as all the other crimes of the left. They are also partakers in the hundreds of millions of other murders besides abortion that have been committed around the world by the socialist ideology. If you consider the works of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Kim Jong-un, etc., you can easily see that my rationale is not far off. Though the left tries to distance itself from people like Stalin, their ideology is exactly the same and it’s fruit is the same. Because the screams are silent, they are easier to ignore and only God hears them. Those who operate the ultrasound; however, can see the screams though they cannot hear them. This only shows that their deeds are not out of ignorance (see the Silent Scream on YouTube).