“It’s…a jungle, the consciousness of an orthodox Communist. It’s impossible to make sense of it.” – A.S.

Now a guilty (sinful) person does not like being accused or exposed of his guilt. He must have a garment to cover his nakedness (guilt) just as Adam and his wife needed covering for their nakedness (sin). In desperation they tried sewing fig leaves together for garments but those were found to be unacceptable for the job because they did not involve any shedding of blood. They also knew the Lord would be visiting them soon and they were naked (news flash: he already knew everything). Yes, and not only that, but their own hands had woven the fig leaves together and they could never be covered (redeemed) by the works of their own hands. By the way, Israel, years later, tried to do the same thing using the Mosaic Law to cover themselves but all they did was violate the law continually. And the blood they were shedding (animal sacrifice) was not the right blood for eternal salvation. Someone had to pay. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Then the Lord in his mercy clothed Adam and his wife with animal skins. And how do you suppose he got those animal skins?  And the shed blood of his getting those skins was a type of his own shed blood that was coming a few thousand years later in Jerusalam (and where else could it have been?) where Melchizedek (king of Salem, future Jerusalem) received an offering from Abraham (the Father of the Jews) when he was returning from delivering Lot (his nephew who lived in Sodom) and the Sodomites who had been taken captive by invaders. By the way, why do you suppose “righteous” Lot was living in Sodom which was soon to be destroyed by fire and brimstone? I’ll give you a hint: It was green and lush; a good place to tend cattle. And Abraham who understood the principal of redemption through the shedding of blood also was accounted to be righteous before God because he “believed” in the Lord. And thus it was not his good works that made him righteous but his faith in the Lord. Thus he understood the source of his righteousness. He demonstrated this when he took Isaac his son to mount Moriah (future Jerusalem) to sacrifice him there. The Lord had told him to do this to test him.  Abraham told Isaac that the Lord “will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering” when Isaac questioned him where the sacrifice was. And wouldn’t you know it; the Lord showed Abraham a Ram caught by his horns in a thicket just after He had stopped him from killing his son Isaac. And that Ram was sacrificed instead of Isacc and this was a type of Christ being sacrificed for us, again in Jerusalem. And so now you see that all these things have been in the works from the beginning.

Now having partially set the historical record before you, let me fire up the hated flashlight (truth) again. The Communist, not believing any of the above scriptural records seeks a “worldly salvation” without any God and by the determination of man alone and his intellect. This involves the abolition of present day society (a Bourgeoisie creation) as we know it, or as Obama put it, “fundamental transformation”. All of it’s institutions and norms (“everything that exists deserves to perish”). All of its morals and definitions of good and evil. The Communist considers all of the above biblical scriptures nonsense and of course considers himself to be more intelligent than the rest of us because in our primitive state we believe such fables. Upon spotting a righteous person who walks out and lives by the scriptures somewhere within his reach he might even ford rivers and scale mountains to get at that person to destroy him. Inexplicably, even though he should have pity on this poor ignorant person, not as intelligent as himself, yet he hates him. You see, the righteous man by the way he conducts his life, even without words, is demonstrating to the criminal of his guilt. This is why Cain killed his brother Abel. This spirit goes back to the very cradle of mankind. It did not start with the Left; they, being free of conscience, only continue it with a zeal. Now when a Leftist gains power, he endeavors to turn inside out the very definition of what is right and what is wrong. The avowed Communist, Van Jones (former Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality under Obama), alluded to this with his now famous words of “top down, bottom up and inside out” when speaking to a group of his leftist followers on how to overthrow America from within (fundamental transformation). This is the same Van Jones that espoused the idea of dropping the radical pose for the radical ends. This is why he dresses and carries himself well. If he wore his true radical agenda on his sleeve people would despise him.

In the old days (1920s through 1950s) the Communists in America had sworn allegiance to Stalin and the USSR. Their enemy was America and they actively worked to overthrow it and bring it under the boot of the USSR. The children of those same Communists (now referred to as the “New Left” and “progressives”) had their faces rubbed in the crimes of Stalin that were broadcast to the world by Nikita Khrushchev who treacherously took over after Stalin’s death. He was able to obscure the intrinsic evils of the ideology of Socialism by blaming it all on Stalin (This sounds like how Adam blamed Eve and  Eve blamed the serpent. Too bad the Serpent didn’t have anyone to blame. But God judged them all). This was just another modified example of the same fig leaf covering Adam tried. Now this “new left” is the generation of Hillary and Bill Clinton and also of Obama’s parents. No longer then wanting to identify with Stalin they took on a more nihilistic spirit than even their parents did. Destroy America even if we don’t have a functioning plan of what to replace it with. This led to all kinds of social upheaval in the 1960s. But when they recreated themselves as the “New Left” their ideology turned out to be exactly the same as their old fogey parents (As the old Russian proverb says: “the nut never falls far from the tree”). Van Jones and other Leftist ideologues hope that in accomplishing this annihilation of Western society, their guilt will be taken away and their lives will have worthwhile meaning. Social Justice at last. If they can change the very nature of morality as well and it’s very source (God) they will finally be free of conscience; so they think. But ridding yourself of a Godly conscience is very dangerous because if the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness! And if a man is enveloped in darkness how can he find his way out of the abyss? He will need a flashlight to see but the batteries of the man without conscience have burned out.

Again, upon his gaining of power, the man of truth enters the Leftist’s sights as an enemy. Joseph Goebbels, the socialist Nazi minister of propaganda, put it this way: “It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension the truth becomes the greatest enemy of the State.” This is why the Communist governments around the world set up “Reeducation Camps” and prison systems to torture people of faith into agreeing with themselves and to cause them to deny their own faith in God (they must put out the light that is exposing them for who they are). They wish to redefine good and evil. They claim that morality is just an arbitrary “Bourgeoisie” concept put in place to keep the “proletariat” (workers) oppressed and under their control  so that they can live off their backs. This damnable lie then frees the Leftist from all morality and now his dream has come true. And just imagine dear reader what a man will become when freed from conscience and morality. Then again, no need to guess, just look around the world at the Communist regimes and their proxy nations. And don’t forget to take a gander at their spiritual brethren, the Muslims (remember, Communism is Islam without a God and Islam is Communism with a God).

Out of these motives have grown a number of ills to American society. Lets take a look at one of the Lefts endeavors at social justice, “black lives matter”. This sounds good doesn’t it? Of course, all lives matter. But do the lives of unborn babies matter? And if a white police officer is killed by a Negro did his life matter? Did O. J. Simpson’s white wife’s life matter? It seems that it matters if a white police officer kills a black hoodlum. And if the Black Panthers (icons of the “New Left”) threaten white people’s lives if they come to the polls to vote does this matter? The Communist, former Attorney General Eric Holder, refused to prosecute them and dropped all the charges even though the case was complete and a slam dunk against them. And if the black rioters during their riot tried to break open the head of a white truck driver (Reginald Denny) in LA, attempting to murder him, did that matter? The Left justifies all these evils using a concept they have dubbed “institutional racism”. Meaning, the racism that is intrinsic in White America, drove them to and made them do it. This also is a damnable lie. Those hoodlums only needed the restraints to be removed and their true intrinsic nature came out. And the excuse of “institutional racism” sounds like another type of a fig leaf covering (Do you think if I live to be 100 I will ever hear someone say, “I did the crime and am responsible”?). The Soviet Communists used to label these types of criminal elements in their country as “socially friendly” elements or as Marx called them “lumpenproletariat”. They don’t seem very friendly to me if you happen to be white but in their case they were referring to the thieves, rapists, murderers, etc. as friendly elements regardless of skin tone. The criminals that could not be redeemed in the USSR and were without mercy were the “politicals” which had never done anything wrong. And why would the common criminals not have been considered friendly? They were just “primitive revolutionaries” or as Marx called them, “lumpenproletariat”, who needed some polishing up to enter the ranks of the Communist regime and they really didn’t even need that either. They fit just fine already. Are not the Communists themselves just another criminal gang?  See here what wikipedia writes about Stalin:  “When Lenin formed the Bolsheviks, Jughashvili (he changed his name to Stalin) eagerly joined him. Jughashvili (Stalin) proved to be a very effective organizer of men as well as a capable intellectual. Among other activities, he wrote and distributed propaganda, organized strikes, and raised funds through bank robberies, kidnappings, extortion, and assassinations.”

These few above listed examples of the skewed ways of thinking with the Leftists/Progressives/Communists are indicative of people who are at war with God. They want to “change” the moral underpinnings of societies around the world and give us a new “hope” of a redeemed world where “social justice” abounds for everyone without any God, thereby resulting in a “fundamental transformation” of society and all it’s norms. It is a pipe dream of the left that has caused nothing but destruction, poverty, and death wherever it has spread around the world. They also justify these fruits of Leftism with the concept of, as the Russian proverb put it, “when you chop wood, wood chips fly”. The American version of this is “when you make an omelet, you have to break some eggs”. And they think that because it is now them that are in power it will be different this time. As Obama put it “We are the ones we have been waiting for”. Seems very arrogant to me. It’s just the same old wickedness that started in the Garden and was ended at the cross for those who believe. But they will not come to the cross and therefore their sins remain. Tic Toc, Tic Toc.

A tour in the Sewer


The sodomites are acting like they are being pursued and persecuted and therefore they need a safe place to go but the truth is they are the ones that are attacking the rest of free society (suing Christian bakers, etc.). The Jihadis are using the same deceitful marketing scheme. Every time they blow something up the MSA (the Muslim Student’s Association), the first Muslim Brotherhood front in America, broadcasts in the media that they need protection from persecution. While they hold everyone at bay with this marketing scheme they continue to aggressively move forward with their offensive (“slay the infidels wherever you find them”). Meanwhile, the rest of society is backpedaling trying to prove to the accusers that they are not Islamophobic (a term created deep within the bowels of Jihadist think tanks). The Europeans still continue to fall for this charade. Food for thought: maybe it is time for society to go on the offensive!

The Russians and their proxy states of course have been using this same technique for 100 years. They are always positioning themselves against the aggressive attacks of the evil capitalist West as if they were innocently defending themselves; meanwhile, they are the only ones that are infiltrating and attacking every nation in the world and have been doing so since long before you were born.

Result: while we all try to defend ourselves against accusations and convince the opponents that we are not what they say, they continue to aggressively advance against us. As we are preoccupied with our own defense and justification against their accusations (as if they were the judges), they continue using subterfuge to undermine the West

Examples of this are “black lives matter”, “check your white privilege”, “standing on the side of love”, “America’s institutional racism”, “women’s rights”, “social justice”, etc.. Now you, no doubt, will try to defend yourself against these accusations (at least I hope you do and are not too far gone) and are therefore neutralized by indulging your opponents narrative as if he had a legitimate concern for a particular issue. Yes, and his narrative is meant to get you off the track of his real goal which is “the revolution”. By the way if you have gone to any of the retreats on how to check your white privilege and are feeling guilty about being white, might I suggest that you do society a favor and please go out and kill yourself. What you should be doing is attacking the underminers of truth. You should be playing offense, not defense. Go after them in your righteous might, be as bold as a lion, the truth is not in them. They are full of darkness (Oh, no! Did I just make a racial comment?)

And now, son of man, after a small interlude, let us continue our tour through the sewer down into the abyss, that you might know the depths of Satan. But first let us stop at the kitchen for lunch so that we do not become fatigued on our tour.

Remember, none of the above listed issues about which the Communists have set the narratives, are the real issues. “The issues are never the issues, the revolution is the issue”. Their listed “issues” are red herrings. Now, of course, you will ask what are they revolting against? Do they want to undermine the West? Have the results of Communist governments been so splendid that the West should want to mimic them? But what is the motivation for undermining the West? Now you have asked the right question and with that I will proceed to order my lunch while you read the next paragraph down. Upon doing so you will have the answer to your above questions. I’ll take a second psalm combo meal please! Thank you. Can I interest you in some of my dainties or have you already ordered your own?

Psalms – Chapter 2 Psa 2:1 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? Psa 2:2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Psa 2:3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. Psa 2:4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Psa 2:5 Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure. Psa 2:6 Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. Psa 2:7 I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. Psa 2:8 Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Psa 2:9 Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel. Psa 2:10 Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth. Psa 2:11 Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Psa 2:12 Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

You see, it is the God of the West (that is the God of Israel) that they oppose and they will not come to Him because their deeds are evil. They seek a Leftist, “socially just” (euphemism for unjust and also larceny), worldly salvation (euphemism for damnation) through the determination of man relying on himself. They seek to change the very nature of man into some kind of “Marxist Man” that will live out the creed of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” (in other words: We are on top and all the rest of you are our slaves). Remember, Communism is a ideology of euphemisms as the North Koreans have painfully learned (have they learned?). The darkness hates the light (truth) and they have therefore forsaken their own mercy. They cling to the false wisdom of Saul Alinsky (Hilary Clinton’s mentor) who wrote: “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythologies, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that at least he won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

Now on that note, being full, we shall continue our descent down, down into sewer, to the land of their nativity. And this also is the native land of the Clintons along with Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Obama and many others. The list is too long for a mortal man to print. And all of the natives, though they have different mothers, all have the same father. Yes, and he also birthed the lie when as yet one did not exist.  Yes, and he also is the son of the morning. His offspring are like him and his deeds do they do.

I hope your heart is not overcome with the stench yet. Try stopping up you nose and breathing through your mouth. Look further down!, we have barely scratched the surface of the disposal system, is the pit not bottomless? Also, it is one of the things that never says, “it is enough”.  There is always room for more. There are no yearly immigration limits either (just like under Obama, as long as you are a Jihadi or some other miscreant). This land also accepts immigrants too, as well as it’s own natives. You will have no trouble getting citizenship here and there is no fence to keep you out. The Mexicans will love this feature.

Every creature that feeds upon the face of the earth must also expel waste. You never really know how a city works until you have studied it’s sewer system. Consider New York for example. With over 8 million inhabitants as well as working visitors each day one has to assume that the sewage disposal system is significant and yet while I was on a tour of Manhattan I never saw it. Even the tour guide did not know where it was. I asked him. He was baffled. Apparently he knew even less than the rats. It’s as if they have deliberately hidden it. So is hell deliberately hidden with it’s inhabitants but let us continue down my fellow rats! There is yet more to see.

To Be Continued….

Since I last wrote Justice Scalia of  the Supreme Court has died (yesterday). He was a stalwart of conservative values and rulings on the court and has been holding back many of the wicked, unconstitutional acts of the Communists in our government and society. With his passing and the next Obama appointee to come shortly (maybe Eric Holder?), we should be able to stand here at this same level descending no further and wait; the sewage is coming up to meet us. And the answer to your question is that now with just one more Communist on the court the balance of power has tipped. The Leftists will now have five faithful elements on the court who will vote as a block along Communist Party lines. The remaining four might just as well go home. Now son of man see what I have been warning of for forty years and forty nights (will I get to see the final act?):

1.) Home Schooling – If home schooling is left in tack it will be forced to conform to government curriculum and ideology. Private religious schools will also be forced to comply with the Leftist agenda standards as it is now in the public schools.

2.) If your pastor speaks from the pulpit that homosexuality is sin he will be charged with a hate crime. You have lost the freedom of speech (1st Amendment). Don’t worry though, he never spoke out before when he could, so really nothing should change for you there. I especially implore him not to expose Islam as a religion of extreme violence from the pulpit; this also will be a hate crime and it will bankrupt your church. You will lose you 501C3 tax status and he will go to jail. You should also be okay on this issue because of all the interfaith dialogue your church has been participating in. Anyway, we all know that the God of the Muslim is also the same God as that of the Jew and Christian, right?

3.) If your church or organization will not hire a homosexual teacher, minister, or other person in leadership you will be sued with a civil rights violation and will lose (this new  supreme court will not overturn the decision). The boy scouts though should be okay. They have already acquiesced.

4.) The 2nd Amendment is also gone. You will no longer have the right to “keep and bare arms”. If you protest (with no firearms behind your protest) they will laugh at you. You will reach for your gun and suddenly realize you don’t have one. I’m not sure how that will feel. I have never experienced that feeling. You will have to ask a North Korean, German Jewish holocaust survivor, or a Russian Gulag survivor (most of them are dead but some wrote memoirs. And certain more would have written but most died in the camps). Perhaps you can find one of the Chinese slaves that has managed to escape China but he probably will not tell you anything because he has family back in China and as the Russians under Stalin used to say, “a man’s worst enemy is his family”. Alas, his family is being held hostage. He must tuck his tail beneath his legs and acquiesce lest his family disappear to who can say where.

5.) The two bodies of the Federal Congress will become irrelevant. Though by the Constitution only Congress is empowered to make laws, now the laws will be coming from the President (illegal executive orders), government agencies such as the EPA , and the Supreme Court. The employees in the bureaucracies or agencies are unelected agents that, like aids or some other death sentence, cannot be got rid of (President Reagan said that the “The nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on this earth is a government program”). The Justices of the Supreme Court are appointed for life (that is my favorite thing about people, that they all die, both the evil and the good). Of these three only the president must answer to the public at election time but alas, with no court to stand in the gap, who will stop the voter fraud. With voter fraud as a continuing and expanding occurrence, even the President will not have to answer for what he or she does (your vote won’t count). As Stalin said, “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything”.

6.) Many of the “socially friendly” elements in the prisons, (rapists, thieves, murderers, etc.), especially if they are Negros, will be released. According to Communist theory, these type of people are looked upon as some kind of “primitive revolutionaries”. Don’t worry though, they will be replaced by socially unfriendly elements (those who oppose these new norms, such as conservatives that open their mouths publicly). Fear not though, those of you who work in the prison system.  Your job will not go away; occupancy will remain full. Only the natives will change over but your check will keep coming.

Use your imagination dear reader! What will society look like when the worst of all criminals are those running your government, void of conscience and morality? In the recent past it could have been said that the stupid criminals were in jail and the smart ones were running the country but now the very definition of “criminal” will change. That which is good will be called criminal and that which is evil will be called legal and good. Yes, and there will be teeth behind their words and you will see it when the natives of the criminal justice system turn over. You will think that society has lost it’s mind but elections and apathy have consequences. Their efforts used to be partially muted because there were restraints in the Judicial branch of the government. And if your imagination is still weak? No problem, just read the writings of those who have lived out, and those who are still living out, the Communist utopian dream around the world. I suggest the memoirs of those who lived in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. For more modern testimony, turn to those who have escaped China, Iran or North Korea. If you want something closer to home, consider those who lived, and are living, under Communism in the Russian proxy state of Cuba.

And now I conclude my nickel tour of the sewer. It didn’t cost you much, but then again, who would pay a lot to tour the sewer. Most people won’t go there even if you pay them. They prefer to smell the sweet blossoms of the plants during their springtime tour of the parks and vacation resorts. But just remember what lies underneath your feet, out of sight, out of mind, the sewer.