Standing In Solidarity With The Brother

I hope all of you celebrated I’m a Communist and am working for a revolution endeavoring to destroy both America and Capitalism day (AKA Martin Luther King day). If not, I hope you at least checked your white privilege. It’s funny how most of the communists that push this crap are white. The only brothers pushing it are those trying to steal another benefit for which they didn’t work. They’d rather steal a dollar than work for two but the white people pushing it are even more nefarious. They are trying to further their global revolution to install a one world communist government, where naturally, they are on top. Racial issues are just another tool they use to accomplish this goal, as the famous 60s revolutionary said, “the issue is never the issue; the issue is the revolution”.

Now all of this said, there may yet be a way out for you deplorable white males. It appears that Bruce Jenner of all people has found half of the solution. He just turned into a women; however, he did not go quite far enough. If he had turned into a black women his benefits would have been even greater. Though he is doing his revolutionary part to undermine American/Western/ Judeo/Christian values, couldn’t he have done even more being black? I put forth the idea that he was shortsighted but don’t be too hard on him; he has done more than most.

Now I would like all of you to join me in writing your representatives proposing a federal Hate Whitey day to replace MLK day. I think it is much more direct and to the point. What do you think? Has kind of a revolutionary ring to it, doesn’t it? I once had an employee that told me his crew was not working that particular day because they were celebrating nigger day (it was MLK day). Is there anyone left in this society who still thinks that is funny besides myself? I hope the communists haven’t stolen away your humor also. If so, perhaps you should follow in the shoes of Bruce Jenner or Jessi Jackson. By the way, the guy that told me that was a crazed American of Lebanese descent and his work partner was a backwoods hillbilly from Western Maryland. Yes, this was before the CPUSA organization La Raza was much of anything and Americans still did manual labor.

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