The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

This one never had a chance to choose to be ignorant or not ignorant; he was killed by the children and grandchildren of the piled up people pictured above him.

Now I will pose a question to you. Why is it that people in the right are always in the position of defense against the nefarious wiles of the Communists (AKA Progressives)? Can you imagine how the world would look if people of integrity and moral character played offense instead; if they attacked the Communists at every turn instead of plotting only their own defense for the coming attacks on themselves? Think how different the world would be if America had attacked the Soviet Union as well as Germany during the WWII era. Think how many millions of murders would have been prevented. The Clintons would never have existed, Obama would never have existed, Islamic terrorism (a Soviet orchestrated offensive strategy) would never have existed, Communist China would never have existed, abortion on demand would never have existed, etc.. Instead Communism has aggressively spread around the globe with the inevitable result of mass genicide, theft, and societal destruction. They have never had to prepare any defense but have put all their assets into offense. Perhaps I should start selling bumper stickers with the slogan “save a baby, kill a Commie” or maybe  you should just watch the documentary entitled “agenda” since the producer did a multi-year study on the subject of Communist infiltration into all American institutions. Oh, by the way, if you have been pulling the lever for Democrats during election times you can include yourself in the list of perpetrators responsible for the above pictured atrocities. You love to criticize Hitler without realizing that you are him and he is you. My advise to you: repent and believe the gospel before you receive his same judgement. You won’t be able to say “I didn’t know”.