Why do the Heathen rage against the Lord and against his anointed?

The Godless, socialistic nature of communism makes it very appealing to the rebellious. It allows one to fulfill all the wickedness in his heart without being accountable for it since there is no God to judge it. This explains; for example, the mass genicide, theft, and redistribution of wealth that this ideology propagates.
Islam is like communism, distinguished from it in that it has a god. It also participates; for example, in mass genicide, theft, and redistribution of wealth.
Both ideologies free man to indulge in all the evils in their heart without being culpable for their actions; communism because there is no God and Islam because God is actually commanding people to do unspeakable evils.
How convenient! Maybe I should become one of the two and then I could kill that neighbor I always hated and take all that he has.

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