The hatred of black Americans for white Americans

The brother, having been deceived and stirred up by the communist owned media outlets has come to despise the white man. The media, along with other power mongers, have planted a lie in the brothers hearts telling them they are victims and unable to make it without government hand outs. They tell them the white man is holding them down and that they are entitled to reparations. The Democrats have been using this strategy to enslave the black man and to buy his vote forever. For him to vote against the Democrat is to vote against his hand outs and entitlements. The Democrats encourage the blacks to have babies out of wedlock in order to increase their benefits; thereby, undermining the family structure. The black man because of his own wickedness has played into this strategy easily. He continues to work the same iniquity that his forefathers did living in Africa.
Now since no one else will speak, hear this. In the beginning the African was sold into slavery because of his iniquity. His culture of idolatry and sin brought him to an ill fate. His captors were themselves also worthy of the same but it was not their turn yet. Instead of Christian missionaries being sent to the African, the African was sent to the missionaries, in a manner that he would not, in order that some of them could be saved from damnation by faith in Christ. You cannot outwit God. He will have you twisted up like a pretzel.
The Communists have gained greatly through the use of this strategy. They have managed to enslave both the white man and the black man. Through the use of taxation and massive regulations the entire populace of America has been enslaved. We work and the vast amount of our income is stolen by some form of taxation. The endgame will be them on top with all the money, power and possessions and the rest of us on the bottom given enough to keep us alive in order that we might profit them. In that day no one will own a gun anymore and will; therefore, not be able to resist them. Maybe you can charge against them with a stick or a rock. Good luck, you had it comin. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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