The hypocrisy of the liberal

First of all the term liberal is a misnomer. Communism is an ideology of euphemisms. Liberal means socialist and socialist means communist or communist lite. When they speak of hope the translation is despair. Forward means backwards from freedom into a totalitarian statism. Change means changing from something better back into something that has never worked. Communism has never worked for anyone who was not one of the ruling elite. By the time the “usefull idiots” figure out the change is not working for them, not what they were promised, it is too late to recover; hence the environment in Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba, Venesuala, Korea, etc. Socialism is the bridge from freedom over to communism and liberal is a euphemism for socialist. If you forget everything else remember that all the terms and statements used by liberals or democrats has to be rotated 180 degrees to obtain the correct meaning of the words or statements. Let me give some examples. When the liberal talks of giving charitably to the poor and needy he is really saying take someone else’s money (through, say taxation) and redistributing it to the poor. In this fashion he picks up a net gain in votes. The person stolen from hates him and will not vote for him but the 5 people to whom the money was redistributed will vote for him. How charitable! Brilliant and diabolical. The children of Lucifer are very brilliant when it comes to doing evil. They just lack wisdom and discernment when it comes to understanding the difference between right and wrong. They speak of saving animals, trees, whales, environment, water, etc.. They speak of global warming. These crisis are all drummed up in a framework that justifies them to make legislation that deprives people of more of their freedom and money. If they don’t hurry and respond to the crisis the world will end. Remember, “you never want to let a crisis go to waste”. Every time they pass a new law to supposedly protect you, you lose a little more of your freedom. They look to stop animal cruelty and child abuse but they kill millions of baby children every year through abortion, sometimes in the womb and frequently after they extract them from the womb still crying (they don’t advertise the latter). ¬†If someone were to kill a baby seal or whale they would have a fit. Do you see plainly their hypocrisy? Should I write more of their deeds? Yes, let me continue. They agree with free speech as long as you agree with them. They agree every religion and ideology is acceptable as long as it is not right. Just speak the uncompromised truth and see how they react. They Love freedom as a means of being free to do evil but would not even allow to have a bible in a school. They will accept a koran however. The list goes on and on. Everything hidden will be revealed in that great day and they will be without excuse; all thoughts and intents of their hearts, all deeds, all sins. I advise repenting and believing the gospel. He who has ears to hear, let him here

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