Business 101

All the laws having to do with morality were written long ago. If the previous and current legislators had not monkeyed with them the original laws would still be good. Most of the laws written today are made in the name of safety, public welfare, save the environment, the children etc.. These are the typical buzz words used to justify errant legislation. If anyone; therefore, speaks out against a proposed law he is made to look like the anti-safety, anti-people, anti-environment, and worst of all a child abuser. The real motive is business trying to channel the money river their way. If they were to be exposed for their real motives the public would string them up. Let me give some examples: I was told that Warren Buffet owns the rail lines that are taking the oil from the oil fields to the refineries far away. He would lose a lot of business if the keystone pipeline were put in and his rail line was no longer necessary. The opposition to the pipeline is being sold; however, in the name of saving the environment. Diabolical and yet predictable. Consider the technology of fracking. With fracking being legalized the supply of oil with go up dramatically thus decreasing the price to the public. This will compete catastrophically with those already in the industry. They cannot sell their opposition to fracking on the basis of stamping out competition but save the environment sells well to the uninitiated. The Saudis are much more direct. They just lower their price until the frackers go under and then they raise the price way up and get it all back in spades. When sweeping legislation comes in to regulate an industry it is not the government oppressing that industry but the large corporations in that industry getting the government to pass laws to inhibit their competition and increase their profits. Some more examples: the sprinkler systems required inside steal and concrete office buildings that don’t burn, again done in the name of safety. The only real danger is the sprinklers going off and doing millions of dollars worth of damage. The paid off legislators and sprinkler companies; however, are doing well. Consider the pest control companies. You have to get a termite inspection to sell your home whether you or the buyer wants it or not. They don’t get rid of the pests, they only “maintain them”. The paid off legislators sell this one in the name of public welfare while they profit nicely either directly or indirectly from the pest company. What legislation do you suppose might come out of the Ebola scare? I’m sure they could take a lot more of my freedom and money if they work this one right. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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