A few facts about Hillary Clinton in case you thought it was a good idea to vote for her in 2016

It is vitally important that any person filling the office of the President of the United States be a person of character. They must be an honest person full of the characteristics of Christ. They must be willing to do the right things even to their own hurt if necessary. The attitude of their heart must be that of a servant, serving the country according to the will of God.

Hillary Clinton is a perfect example of what any leader cannot be. This vile women, along with her husband Ahab, is full to the brim with every evil, demonic characteristics. She has a long history of communism that started with her introduction to Saul Alinsky in her college days. He was a very vocal, Jewish communist that wrote the book “rules for radicals” and dedicated his book to Lucifer. This book is studied, followed, and admired by the leftists both of Hillaries time and today. He became the mentor and idol that she wrote her thesis on. I plan to write further on this subject in the coming days. Like so many who came before her she is always at odds with the Lord. They all come and they all go but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

Hilary Clinton and the State Department refused to place Boko Haram on the list of foreign terrorist organizations in 2011, after the group bombed the UN headquarters in Abuja. The refusal came despite the urging of the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, and over a dozen Senators and Congressmen.[61]

In 2014 Boko Haram kidnapped 276 Black African Christian girls and has sold them into slavery, reports indicate.

She criticized the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates for sending troops to quash protests in Bahrain even as she pressed him to send planes to intervene in Libya. She was the driving force behind the United States military action in Libya (It is said on March 14 she met in Paris with members of the Libyan jihadis and Bernard Henri Levy). Mrs. Clinton was one of a handful of top administration aides who had been arguing for intervention.

On March 17, in Tunisia, Hillary said: “Gaddafi must go,” calling him “a ruthless dictator that has no conscience and will destroy anyone or anything in his way.”(does this sound like anyone else you know?) “If Gaddafi does not go, he will just make trouble,” she said. “That is just his nature. There are some creatures that are like that.” [6]

“ We are currently doing everything we can to bomb, strafe and use missiles to carry the rebels into power in Libya. We want them to win. We just don’t know who they are.” Hillary Rodham Clinton. [8] ”

The president fully articulated American foreign policy toward Libya as formulated by Hillary Clinton: “Left unchecked… a humanitarian crisis would ensue…. The democratic values that we stand for would be overrun.”[55] Nonetheless, after being captured on October 20, 2011 by forces backed by Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, Gaddafi was first brutally sodomized, murdered, and his lifeless body paraded through the streets.[56]
On September 11, 2012, the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, Islamist terrorists attacked the American embassy and killed four people. In testimony before Congress on January the 23th, 2013 Clinton was asked why the Obama administration deliberately put out false information about the attack just prior to the Presidential Election of 2012, Clinton screamed at Senators, “WHAT DIFFERENCE AT THIS POINT DOES IT MAKE?”.[57]

Hillary received a “Pants on Fire” award from PolitiFact for saying Obama “basically threatened to bomb Pakistan.”[48] Hillary received a second “Pants on Fire” award from PolitiFact for this false statement to a Washington, D.C. crowd on March 17th, 2008.
“ I remember landing under sniper fire.[49] ”. Peggy Noonan observed Hillary Clinton’s distortions of her record on the campaign trail:
She is having the worst case of cognitive dissonance in the history of modern politics. She cannot come up with a credible, realistic path to the nomination. … But she is a scrapper, a fighter, and she’s doing what she knows how to do: scrap and fight. Only harder. So that she ups the ante every day. She helped Ireland achieve peace. She tried to stop NAFTA. She’s been a leader for 35 years. She landed in Bosnia under siege and bravely dodged bullets. It was as if she’d watched the movie Wag the Dog, with its fake footage of a terrified refugee woman running frantically from mortar fire, and found it not a cautionary tale about manipulation and politics, but an inspiration.

Hillary Clinton was chastised by a Catholic Advocacy group for using an image of Mother Teresa in a campaign ad. Clinton continues to support abortion. [43] The U.S. Catholic-based advocacy group Fidelis, an organization working with people of faith to defend the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, and religious liberty rights, called for Hillary Clinton to remove the image of Mother Teresa from their campaign video. In a press release the group declared the video, narrated by her Bill Clinton,
“ is wholly inappropriate, disrespectful and disturbing …using an image of blessed Mother Teresa as a political tool, especially given their radically different views on abortion…Mother Teresa tirelessly fought to protect unborn children, while Hillary Clinton staunchly supports abortion on demand in all nine months of pregnancy, including partial birth abortion and taxpayer funding of abortion ”
When the image of Hillary and Mother Teresa appears in the video the former president is heard saying “Hillary, in effect, was the face of America … in India;” the video then cuts to a clip of the former first lady addressing the 1995 Beijing Conference where an effort was made to declare abortion a fundamental “human right.”

The noted newspaper which covers legislative affairs, The Hill, reported Hillary Clinton received more earmarks for Congressional pork barrel projects than only one other United States Senator. Reforming the earmark process had been among the Democrats top priorities in the 110th Congress, up until the time Democrats voted to rescind the rules aimed at reform that were passed in the first 100 hours of the new Congress in January. Ethics reform and the earmark process is widely attributed as the cause why Republicans lost control of both Houses of Congress after several members had been caught up in ethical scandals. The Hill reported Sen. Clinton received 26 earmarks worth about $148.4 million total, much going to Pentagon contractors. [31]

In January 2006 Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate 2000 campaign was fined $35,000 for failing to accurately report $721,895 in contributions. [27]

Although Hillary Clinton told CBS’s Steve Kroft in an interview on 60 Minutes to address her husband’s infidelity, Clinton emphatically stated,
“ I’m not sitting here – some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette. [20] ”
Clinton likewise mocked stay-at-home-moms for baking cookies while she was employed at a “high powered” law firm making more money than her husband. She was lauded by liberal media and pundits as “a strong women.”
In the end, when confronted with the infidelity of her husband, she blamed “a vast right-wing conspiracy” and stood by her man.
‘Why didn’t you leave the White House when you found out about the cheating of your husband?’ Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha Gaddafi.

Hillary Clinton branded opponents of the Administration and critics of the Clinton’s scandalous lifestyles as “a vast right-wing conspiracy.” White House staffers made up an enemies list of persons and organizations who subsequently endured IRS audits and harassment. [19]

During Bill Clinton’s presidency, Hillary initially played an important role. Immediately after his inauguration in 1993, she led a task force to create a national health care system. The secrecy of the Task Force was at issue in court cases which resulted in disclosures to comply with the law.
Her friend Vince Foster supervised the defense of the litigation, but died under mysterious circumstances at the height of the controversy; the death was ruled a suicide by the U.S Park Service. The Task Force proposals lacked public support and support from the Democrats in Congress, and came to nothing but an embarrassment for the Clinton presidency. Subsequently, the Republicans won a landslide victory in 1994, taking over both Houses of CongressAfter the death of White House staffer Vince Foster, 20 year Secret Service veteran Henry O’ Neill testified before Congress he observed as Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Margaret Williams, carry boxes of papers out of Foster’s office and up to the White House residence quarters on First Lady Hillary Clinton’s instructions. The documents related to the Clinton’s blind trust and White House real estate investments. Under oath, Hillary Clinton denied issuing the instructions or receiving the documents. The documents were now considered evidence in the investigation of the death of Vince Foster.
Two years later, some of the documents were retrieved from the private White House quarters. FBI investigators determined Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints were on the documents.[18]

The Hill magazine reported Hillary Clinton may have been involved in civil rights violations by monitoring illegal wiretaps and domestic spying on political opponents during the 1992 camapaign.[13] After the revelations came to light in a book entitled, Her Way [4] by Don Van Natta Jr., an investigative reporter at the New York Times, and Jeff Gerth, who spent 30 years as an investigative reporter at the paper, a Republican official remarked,
“ it is rather unbelievable that [Hillary] Clinton would listen in to conversations being conducted by political opponents, but refuse to allow our intelligence agencies to listen in to conversations being conducted by terrorists as they plot and plan to kill us.[14]

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