The Great White Hope?

Why is it that in todays media white men or males are demonstrated as bumbling, stupid, don’t get it, idiotic, effeminate, vain persons? Do you suppose that the communists who own most of the media have an ulterior motive for presenting the white male in this light? If you think that white males are really the way that Disney portrays them you are greatly mistaken. Men tend to think with their heads, not with their hearts (sometimes with the wrong head as did Sampson but this is a different subject for later). They don’t care as much how someone carries themselves or what facade they put on as much as they do the content of their actions. Lets take a look at the facts. White males are the only group that as a whole regularly votes for conservative leaders. This is of course contrary to the goals of the leftists. White women vote much less for conservatives than white men but they still vote more for conservatives than other groups. Is this because, like their mother Eve, they are more easy to deceive than men? If this is not so then why did the early communists push so hard to get women the right to vote? Maybe they just had good intentions for America, NOT!!. The progressive (code for leftist) Teddy Roosevelt said if he had know how many women would have voted for him he would not have resisted their right to vote. This implies that his motive for supporting their right to vote was based in the fact that so many of them voted for him. Is the present unchecked flood of immigration related to the mind set and voting tendencies of the people that are coming into America? Lets look at who is behind the flood of these miscreant immigrants and who is welding the doors wide open. As you would have guessed it is of course the democrats (euphemism for leftist). Is is possible that like Teddy Roosevelt they are barring the doors wide open because they know that these different groups will vote for them? Maybe they just care about the poor little immigrants and the children, NOT!!. If they cared about children they would not be murdering so many of them through abortion. Their concern for the immigrant ends with how he votes. The only group of immigrants the Obamanation and the rest of the demoncrats are not whisking into the country are the white males. They are letting in millions of jihadis, millions of Latinos, multitudes of Indians, vast numbers of Asians and what do they all have in common? They all vote heavily for the democrats. These immigrants as well as many other groups in America have been branded with a special victim status, “minority”. They not only are not victims but are opportunistic victimizers. The communists need to create phantom victims that need to be protected from the racist white males of America. They must cause strife and division in order to gain control over all. This is why Obama, Eric Holder and others are trying to agitate in Furguson, to stir up racial strife around the country. This is why they stirred up hatred in the Travon Martin case (they called the defendant a white Latino, go figure). All these various groups have advocacy group organizations. The only group that does not have an advocacy group organization is the white male. They are all listed as minorities and receive thereby wonderful benefit opportunities from the government. Even women who outnumber men are listed as a minority. The white male is of course discriminated against from the various government programs (not that he is asking for any help). All of these groups are bought and paid for by the democrats and must therefore vote for their benefactors. The democrats use not their own money to secure votes but yours and my money to pay this tab (this is an example of Liberal generosity). They have us funding our own demise. If any of these groups were slanted towards a conservative mindset they would not even be able to visit this country. Obama, Eric Holder, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would personally be on the boarder with guns to make sure no one got in.  These infidel leftists fall into the category that Jesus described,  ” …..for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.” Their wisdom of course is their downfall (the Lord HATES pride).  Professing themselves to be wise they have become fools. This same Jesus also said “But wisdom is justified of all her children.” Her children understand the end of the wicked. Because of the tendency of the liberals to have smaller families than conservatives (children might get in the way of their narcissistic lifestyle) they must import votes to make up the difference. The white male is one of only a few barriers left to the progression of the communists and he is deteriorating fast. Those of them from the old school are dying off and the new school is coming in. The new school boys have been raised on the liberal media and fed by the communist school system. Having lost the ability of critical thought their minds have been overthrown (man, I’m starting to depress myself), (don’t worry, the Lord ALONE will be glorified in that day). Having said all this maybe you might think I am a “racist”. You don’t even know what a racist is; you are just parroting the media and using one of their buzz words. They frequently, like yourself, use this word to marginalize their critics and change the subject from off of themselves and onto others. You don’t have a single thought in your head that is your own. This might then be good, someone may now be able to work with you. First Step: turn off your TV, tune out of your reality show, pick up your bible and read. Caution: if you get too much truth you will be ruined for this world. Remember, ignorance is bliss. Good luck!

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