That’s bad and unhealthy

Why is it that the media, schools, and government keep proclaiming that almost everything we eat is bad for us? Somehow I keep smelling a skunk everytime these pontificators spew their wisdom. Also it seems that the people speaking don’t know a darn thing about nutrition. They seem instead to be proliferating something they heard or were coached to say. The ones that do know something are receiving their funding from the government or a major university (don’t supposed they are bought do you?). I remember in the 1970s they came out saying butter was bad and margarine was good. Then they switched and butter was good and margarine was bad. This was back In the days  when the McDonalds fries were superior. Later they started in on trans fats. Now these are bad for you; in a few years they will be good. Sugar is bad, salt is bad, fat is bad. Bran is good, salads are good, water is good. If I were a rabbit I would think this is good news. Somehow I keep smelling a communist is the wood pile. I’m not sure what his name is but his scent is undeniable, with that unique odor of the liberal. Remember mayor Bloomberg with his soda restrictions? Does he care about sodas or your health? I say unto you, he cares about nothing but himself. He would throw his own wife under the bus if it helped his cause. Why then his concern over sodas? He is trying to set a principal in your mind that the government has the right to decide what you as a free person can ingest. They will decide if you can have salt or sugar and how much. They will decide if you get medicine or not. They now decide how your health care will go. Your diet is connected to your health and these unelected beaurocrats will soon be deciding what and how much you can eat. This concept did not work well for the Ukrainians when Stalin systematically starved multiple millions of people because they refused to come under his domination. Now for some wisdom you can hang your hat on: God made sugar, salt, fat, red meat, and many other foods. They are all good for you, and not bad. God designed the body to know what it wants. You do not need a government communist to override your body’s natural ability to know what to eat. It is not what food you ingest that is bad for you but the communist propaganda that you ingest. All this false information about the food you are eating is a precursor to you losing the freedom to eat as you will. In the final stages food will be highly regulated and used as a means of forcing you into compliance to the statist philosophy. It’s hard for a hungry man to fight back. You may ask how I can make such a far reaching claim since it has not all happened yet. One reason is because I already read tomorrows newspaper in all the history I have studied. Remember, there is nothing new under the sun. The further back you can look the further into the future you will see. You could just study the bible instead. Warning: knowing too much will not make you happy but angry and sad but if you know Christ your joy cannot be taken away.

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