Give Them Chalk

Yesterday the muslims blew up some explosives in an airport in Brussels. Lets read a  news clip about how the Westerners are fighting back:

“Belgian prime minister Charles Michel joined residents in Place de la Bourse, where messages of condolence, outrage and love were written in chalk on the pavement. Some of those gathered broke out into an impromptu rendition of Imagine by John Lennon while others stood in silence.” I wonder if any of the locals had guns. No, it isn’t legal over there but they seemed to know the Communist dupe, John Lennon’s, song by heart and that chalk along with a Leftist hymn should suffice to combat the “few radicalized extremists”. reported on 3/30/2016 that the Prime Minister of Belgian admitted that “Muslims celebrated in the streets after Brussels jihad massacre, media ignored them”. Check it out at Well now, that’s multiculturalism at work for you or if you prefer “hope and change”. I don’t think any of them are in danger of being renounced as Islamaphobic (they seem to fear this even more than the Jihad).  I was really worried that this event might cause a backlash against the religion of peace but from the news now, I can see that my fears were for naught and that the Westerners still retain their enlightenment. Kum Ba Jah!

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