Shoot Him Again!

Fox News Report: Teddy bears, Play-Doh and coloring books are staples of nursery schools, but now they are showing up on college campuses to help distraught students cope with the election of a president they don’t like. Around the nation, students are turning to the tools of toddlers as a bizarre form of therapy in the wake of Donald Trump’s election last week. Colleges and universities are encouraging students to cry, cuddle with puppies and sip hot chocolate to soothe their fragile psyches, an approach some critics say would be funny if it weren’t so alarming.

While you check your white privilege at the “cry-in”, the Russians are checking their warhead count. While you are checking your gender identity, the Russians are checking in with their agents of influence in your government, media, and universities. While you are proposing to your sodomite male fiancé, the Russians and Muslims are plotting proposals to bring about your destruction. While you murder your unborn children, the Communists and Jihadis are murdering anyone that is not them. Oh, for another Jehu to ride!

Now the conclusion to all your musings: Take your shotgun, close your eyes, spin around three times and fire in any direction and no matter who you hit you got the right guy. The guy you hit either did the evil himself or failed to fight against the guy who was doing it. And if by chance you hit someone who didn’t do anything, he was about to, and had it comin. He received his penalty in advance of his crime; kind of like a down payment. If he claims he had no plans to do evil then he should have armed himself against your firing on him. Any man who is not planning on doing anything evil has a target on his head and has to know that something bad is coming for him and he is therefore without excuse. Shoot him again! In fact, I can’t think of any reason whatsoever where the guy who was shot didn’t deserve it. Tell me of a shooting and I’ll tell you why they had it comin.

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