Crime Types

From the beginning there were two different types of crime.  Adam and his wife committed their crime by disobeying God’s commandment “thou shall not”.  Soon after Cain committed his crime by killing his brother out of envy. Upon observation, one can see that Cain’s crime was outside of any law. In both cases; however,  the perpetrators were judged. One by the declared law and one without any law. From this example we can see that laws are not always  made to make something right or wrong but to define what already was right and wrong before there was any law. This speaks of natural law. The laws that are made by men cannot trump natural law but can only define it which brings me to the point of this article. The legislators of today use the law to legalize their crimes and to make that which is intrinsically right a crime. Since I have made such a magnificent claim, should I give some examples? Yes, I think I will. How about the crime of abortion. This crime is totally legal and yet still a heinous crime. What about homosexual marriage. Anyone with an unseared conscience can see that such deeds violate natural law though now totally legal. Consider the taking of one mans wealth and redistributing it to multiple others to buy their votes. Is this not a  crime? Examples of these types of violations are endless. Time would fail if I were to recount all the examples. Perhaps if I can make my crimes legal God will accept them. No, a crime by any other name is still a crime and the perpetrators will be culpable. Jefferson spoke on the matter saying that the two enemies of the people are criminals and government. He said we need to hold down the latter with the Chains of the Constitution lest it should become the legalized version of the former. Such is the case today. In our society today the stupid criminals are in jail and the smart ones are running the country. Remember also that elections have consequences. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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