One of sneakiest most diabolical things I have been noticing over the years is the technique of the hyper regulation and criminalization of everything. This crime against natural law is a true work of art. By making everything illegal the authorities can chose who, when, where, why, and how they want to bust you. Consider for example the Attorney General and the President both of whom selectively enforce the law. God help you if you are one of their political enemies. Under these conditions you are breaking some law before you can even get out of bed in the morning and if you get behind the wheel of a car you have broken ten laws. If you begin to drive the car you will break a hundred laws before you arrive at work. This my friends is the result and work of the communist ideology. Those who are bent toward this religion love large, centralized, totalitarian government. They despise limited government. They would to control every nuance of your life. They are not content with just your total compliance either but demand you also agree with them in what they are doing. If they perceive any disapproval on your part they will bring the hammer down even harder. Consider that even the bible is only an inch or two thick. A commercial building could not contain all the laws they have made if they were written down. God summed it all up with Ten Commandments but some way they need ten trillion laws. This technique is not random but strategic. The Soviets recognized the possibilities of this technique long ago and have been perfecting it in America through their agents some wittingly and many unwittingly. I have an idea! Just one law: do the right thing and stop doing the wrong thing. How does that sound? Probably a little too simple but you get the point. I don’t need every nuance of my life regulated. My thoughts and opinions are my own, you are free to disagree with them, though at your peril. I don’t need government stickers all over my car. My car probably weighs 10 extra pounds from all their plates, stickers, etc.. Maybe I like my grass more than four inches long. Maybe I like expressing my opinion without fear of being charged with a hate crime. I hope you get the point or maybe all hope is lost. I could give many more examples but will forbear. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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