Too Little Too Late

It appears that quite a few Frenchmen were marching in solidarity recently over the French cartoonist being killed by the Muslims. The president that they elected though seemed, from his comments, more concerned with Islamophobia. He wished the people would be as concerned about Islamophobia as they were about the cartoonist being killed. First of all, this term (Islamophobia) was created deep within the bowels of Muslim propaganda think tanks. It is not even a real word. It is meant to trick and to play to the multi-cultural ideological indoctrination the West has undergone.  This is all the result of the counter insurgency of the communist infiltrators that took over all their institutions and have been educating their children from long ago. The Russians must be tickled pink at their success. There are many things to say concerning this. Let me start with lighting their false doctrine of multi-culturalism. They have been importing their muslim enemies from North Africa and other Muslim nations for a long time now. They must have forgotten their history of what the Muslims did in those regions in past times. There were wars fought because of the Muslims at great cost. They have refused to take the Muslims at their word. Instead they insist that Islam is a religion of peace even though the Imams continually tell them they they are going to kill them some day. Maybe they can convince the Muslims not to believe their scriptures and their prophet but instead to swing over to the multi-cultural philosophy. This will not happen no matter how much wishing they do. They have done this at their own peril. When someone says they want and are going to kill you, you should take them at their word. If only the Jews had done this with Hitler. Anyway, because of this philosophy, the French now have more that 700 no go zones where the French Government cannot go. These are enclaves of Muslims that enforce Sharia law instead of French law right in the middle of France. They are nations right in the middle of another nation. If a women is being beaten and raped continually by her husband in these regions she will have to go before a Sharia court instead of a French court and they will rule in favor of the husband (do you think this upsets the feminist? You know it doesn’t. Why?). Maybe she can somehow immigrate to America but there have also been a number of Sharia rulings made in American courts that you are unaware of because the media hides this. You will have to research for about 10 minutes on your own instead of being spoon fed by the communist owned media if you want the details. Maybe try google. Another consideration is that the French have had no concern for all the babies they are killing through abortion but they do have a concern over one French cartoonist that was killed. They don’t really care about the cartoonist either but only that the violence is starting to get close to them. They also don’t seem too concerned about their government stealing from the so called rich through massive taxes and redistributing to the masses even if those dirty rich people earned their money honestly. Do you think they would care if it were them that were being robbed? The French also have a very low birth rate, well below 2 per family (you wouldn’t want anything to interfere with your narcissistic life and goals). The Muslims because of their doctrine and religion have many more than 2 per family. This is part of the Islamic religion, to conquer your enemies from within by a high birth rate. It takes few generations but the results are guaranteed. The indigenous French population is aging greatly because they don’t have children (heck, if I lived in France I might not want any children either. They would be the property of the State and educated in their leftist schools) but the Muslims have a much lower median age because they have many children per family. Maybe closer towards the end the 60+ year old Frenchmen can fight with the 20 something year old Muslims and somehow win. I’ll put my money on the 20 year olds. Again, the French love free speech as long as you are not saying what is 100 percent right. You might be able to get away with saying something that is 50 percent right. There are many other things to say on these matters but maybe we should clean up our own backyard instead of starting in on that of the French lest we end up like them. We are usually about 15 years behind Europe in their moral decline but that figure may be accelerating as the vortex tightens. He who has ears to hear, let him hear. Psa 9:17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

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