The Two Faces Of The Jihadi

The Muslims have a doctrine of Taqiyya (lying) that allows them to deliberately decieve their enemies (everyone that is not a Muslim) in order to further the cause of Islam. You can observe them using this constantly when communicating with Westerners. The face their insurgents (Muslim Brotherhood) frequently use speaks of peace, fairness, equal rights, acceptance and other hot buttons that they know the Westerners like to hear but when speaking to their own people, their face changes 180 degrees. They have been bold with this two faced technique because they know very few Westerners understand Arabic or will pay attention or report on it, especially not the main stream media. You should check out a web site labeled Memri. They translate into English what they are saying to their people in Arabic. You will swear it is two different people with the same face. One thing to note is that as they come out of the closet more and more under the protective umbrella of the Obama administration they will be more straight forward and direct. These are all classic, historical behaviors of the Islamic religion. Perhaps you should look into it. Another thing you need to know is the Muslim doctrine of abrogation. This one may be my favorite (the Mormans have this one also). How convenient is that? God changes his mind every time you need him to. The beginning scriptures of Islam are relatively peaceful towards Jews and Christians but as the false prophet gained more political and military strength the scriptures become deadly. In their religion the older verses are abrogated by the more recent ones. So the peaceful verses no longer apply unless you need to decieve the infidels into thinking you are a religion of peace. This all reminds me of an old song, The Back Stabers. The words went “they smile in your face all the time they want to take your place the back Stabers”.  A little trip down memory lane back to Motown. Maybe we should make this our new national anthem if the Jidadis win. Good luck with that. Thought you should know.

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