The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Consider a partial list of attributes that Paul Kengor lists in his well researched book “The Communist” about Frank Marshall Davis. Frank was a rabid communist who worked for and at the direction of the Russian Soviet comintern. His USA communist party member number was 47544. He wrote incessantly for various communist publications. Frank Marshall Davis (1905-87) was a mentor to a young Barack Obama throughout the 1970s, the period of Obama’s adolescence.

* rejected and blasted Winston Churchill

*vilified and targeted General Motors, a company that he would have been thrilled to nationalize

*advocated wealth redistribution from (in his words) greedy “corporations” to “health insurance” and “public works projects”

*favored taxpayer funding of universal health care

*supported government stimulus and trumpeted the public sector over the private sector

*constantly bashed Wall Street

*marched in May Day parades

*dismissed traditional notions of American exceptionalism and framed America not as selflessly servicing the post-World War    II world but instead as selfishly flaunting its so-call “mountainous ego” and “racist-imperiallist-colonialist” ambitions

*warned God-and-gun-clinging Americans about huckster preachers and instead sought the political support of the “social  justice” Religious Left for various causes and campaigns

*perceived the Catholic church as an obstacle to his vision for the state

*confidently declared certain government actions “constitutional” or “unconstitutional”

*excoriated the “tentacles of big business,” bankers, big oil, the “Big Boys” “excess profits,” corporate fat cats and their “fat contracts,” “millionaires” and “rich men,”and the wealthy

*attacked “GOP” tax cuts that “spare the rich” and that only “benefit millionaires”

*singled out the “corporate executive” for not paying his “fair” share

*used slogans such and “change” and “forward”

It is amazing that these men attack the very country that allows them to voice their opinions even when they are wrong, and yet they hate and hinder your free speech. They would have been killed by the KGB if they had voiced any dissent in their beloved USSR. Instead of them both being so very wealthy, they would have been barley able to feed themselves if they had lived in Russia and yet, they want to redistribute any wealth you have worked to attain. Instead of being free to prosper as negros they would have been persecuted in Russia for their color and race. At the end of the day they love tyranny as long as they are the ones on top. If they are not on top they cry foul. They say they love democracy and yet labor to commit vast voter fraud through illegal immigration and other means such as false ballots, voter intimidation, etc. They claim to be bearers of the truth and yet they lie so incessantly that one cannot even take their good mornings or a thank you as sincere. Even that is designed to manipulate others for their end goals. Again, as with all communists, “the end justifies the means”.

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