MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction)

During the cold war environment days there existed the doctrine of “MAD” between the Soviet Union and the United States. This doctrine stated that if either nation was to launch nuclear missiles at the one, the one would retaliate in kind, thus both nations being destroyed. This concept was supposed to keep both nations from attacking each other and seems to have worked well up until now. As long as both nations have plenty of nuclear missiles it will prevent the other one from making a preliminary strike. In the event that the United States continues to deplete its nuclear stock pile, while the Russians continue to increase theirs, this country will be at increased risk of attack. This is one reason it is so dangerous to have communists running your government. They see the Russian government as a benign entity with like ideology to their own. Their jaded view of the Soviets puts us all at peril.

Now consider the threat of Mutual Assured Economic Detruction. If the economies of Greece and/or other European nations fail, due to their continued laziness and their spending of more than they make, this will cascade, causing the failure of other nations economies who are holding the Greek’s dept. All of these European nations economies are tied together with a single currency, the Euro. The U.S. will also be dragged into this collapse seeing we are also tied economically to them. The U.S. has already exchanged more valuable dollars for less valuable Euros in the recent past. Of course these were printed dollars but it devalues the exiting dollars already in circulation.

Keep your eye on the “Troika”. The longer you kick the can down the road, propping up the perpetrators, and refuse to deal with the underling cause of the problem, the greater the fall will be when it finally comes. Every time they bail out the Greeks someone else has to pay for it (primarily Germany). They cannot allow them to continue to grossly overspend what they don’t have but they also cannot allow them to collapse or they will be dragged down with them. This is why the Troika keeps renegotiating their national dept.

Now I think we should all hold hands and sing the communist dupe Ian Gillan’s song “Mutually Assured Destruction”.

From where I stand
I see a blind man on a hill
From where I stand
I see the teacher in the valley
From where I stand
I see the blind man on a hill
And he is standing very still
The way it’s planned
They’ll only let the fools survive
The way it’s planned
You would not want to stay alive
Just one big band
It’s all they’re leaving you to think about
From where I stand
I know just what they’re planning
I know they’re planning one big bang
And they call it Mutually Assured Destruction
From where I stand
I can see the mushrooms in the sky
From where I stand
I can watch the bleeding children cry
And they will die
And you who have no wings will fly
From where I stand
I see the man on the hill
And he is standing very still

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